What does CosPlay mean? in network terms, role playing

When it comes to cos, everyone knows that it is talking about cosplay. It is an online term that means “role playing” and “anime reality show”. But do you know the source of cos? Next, through the meaning of cos network terminology, the editor will take everyone to find out.


Cos is an internet term. It is usually the abbreviation of cosplay, and cosplay is the abbreviation of English costume and play, so cos refers to costume, which means costume, costume, plus play (play), which means playing costume. Therefore, cos means role-playing, and it refers to the use of costumes, props and makeup to play the roles of characters in anime, games and ancient times.

Cosplay originated in which country?

When it comes to the origin of cosplay, many people think of Japan. After all, Japanese anime is world-famous, and most of the anime cosplay characters come from Japanese anime. However, according to Xiao Bian query, cosplay real origin is the United States, and it is popular in Japan. This situation much like football, which originated in the UK, but popular in the United States.

Coser (actor): In recent years, with the expansion of the two-dimensional circle, people walking in “fancy clothes” will be seen on the streets of many big cities. Some of them are like characters in Japanese comics, and some are like certain characters. Some of the characters in a large-scale online game are like the characters in the costume TV series. These actors are called coser, mostly women. There are also many men pretending to be women, which is called cross-playing.

The technical term of the cos circle: As more and more people love role-playing, a circle for everyone to communicate has gradually formed. This circle is called the cos circle. In the cos circle, there are “jargons” that belong to the circle. Such as XD, X represents the eyes of the characters in anime, and D represents an expression with a tongue out, which combined is a funny smirk.

The core of role-playing games: parents grasp their identity

However, role-playing is not simply a play of parents and children. If you want it to play a good guiding effect, the key is the role of parents in the game. For example, children just want to show off when their own parents to play are an enthusiastic audience, do join in the work.

But when the children with single-handedly when the game cannot go on nature, parents will need to do a good job at the same time the actors, the courage to take on the director and screenwriter responsibility.


Looking at the complete article, everyone should have a deeper understanding of what cos means! In general, cos is the abbreviation of cosplay, which means role-playing. This is an industry that is emerging today and is very popular with young women. Friends who are interested can go to the cosplay exhibition to have a look. It will definitely surprise your eyes!

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