The Age of Anime Merchandise


They say you can’t call yourself an anime fan or otaku unless you are continuously hogging in huge amounts of anime merchandise every weekend. Now that might be a little stretch. But there is certainly a little truth to that. There are people who call themselves fans. And there are people who are fans. Buying or not buying those merchandise makes all the difference. And most fans know that. This is the reason why this industry has evolved so much in the past two decades.

Nowadays, it is pretty normal to see people spending bulks of cash on cosplay, figurines, cushions, mobile cases, clothing, backpacks, even the headphones they wear, and what else can you name? You can get almost everything there is as merchandise. And this is exactly what otaku have come to love. Or should I say that this is the age of anime merchandise!

What is Anime Merchandise?

Okay, I get it every one knows what anime merchandise is. But let’s get a little more clarity here. Merchandise means the stuff that we buy and sell, right? Then it’s obvious that anime merchandise is stuff that we either buy or sell. That’s true, but this is a little different. We don’t just go to a mall or an event or a website and pick up whatever we see first, no. We pick the stuff that we relate to. The anime we have watched. The characters we have built an emotional connection with.

Of course, there are exceptions. Like if you see a top tier Waifu figurine than you wouldn’t think twice about spending a few bucks, even if this is your first time actually seeing this character.

How the internet got flooded with Merch

Anime is something that is watched and loved globally, with around 2 to 3 Billion people watching anime at least once in their lifetime.

It wouldn’t take an idiot to tell, that’s a lot of people and the potential of merchandise based businesses is almost infinite as there is at least a billion people who watch anime.

Now most people are not that much into anime. They watch it to pass time or just to escape from reality, even if it’s only for a few hours. On the other hand, there is a large number of otaku that would pay  some bucks to get the Rem Figurine after watching just a few episodes of Re:Zero (Unless you prefer Emilia over Rem, of course).

This industry is obviously not new. It has existed for almost as long as anime have. It’s just that with time the demand for both anime and its merchandise continued to increase, with time it evolved, and now this industry is worth around 20 Billion dollars and the end of year stats for this year will most likely top even this number.

What makes it so special?


As I said, we, the fans, buy anime merchandise because we feel an emotional connection to anime.

We love seeing our Waifus as 3D Figurines or Nendoroids. We love cosplaying as our favorite characters. We love filling our rooms with an awful tone of anime stuff.

Part of the reason why we have such awe with anime is because of the many products. It is what fans take pride in. We want to fill our rooms with posters of our favorite anime girls and other characters. We want to showcase figurines on our tables.

We, the fans, want to do so much with our anime merchandise that our goals are beyond the understanding of those who don’t watch anime.

Who wouldn’t want to buy 100$ JoJo suit and a glass of anime flavored Vodka? That’s all folks!                   

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