The 3 most famous Japanese Anime heroes

In the world of manga, the Japanese comic strip, and Japanese anime, there are many characters, protagonists, or antagonists, who have marked readers as much as pop culture. Whether they come from ShonenShojo, or Seinen. These emblematic figures from their series are now an integral part of Japanese culture!

It is through the millions of copies of each manga sold, at Kana, Glenat, or even Kurokawa, that these anime figures from Japanese comics have been known by a readership ever more eager for adventures and figurines bearing the likeness of these great heroes.

Anime Ginga offers you a list of some of the most famous manga and Japanese anime figures among the audiences around the world. Mostly based on the preferences of Japanese comic book readers and the most popular manga among Otaku!

Son Goku, the Legendary Super Saiyan

You might have expected an image of a super Saiyan with big arms. But you will only get a kidding Goku freaking out.

The drawings of the great mangaka Akira Toriyama are recognizable among a thousand and the characters of Dragon Ball are even more so. This monument of Japanese comic published in the magazine Shonen Jump from 1984 to 1995 gave us unforgettable reading moments and anime episodes!

The protagonist of the series is also the most popular: it is Son Goku. A young boy than an extremely powerful adult and gifted for martial arts. So gifted that he will save Earth more than once with giant energy balls (the Genkidama) or his famous Kamehameha.

You are unlikely to know him, but if you don’t, then jump on the first manga of Toriyama’s work to find this hero with a big heart (and big stomach); whose the adventures are still not over since the anime Dragon Ball Super has taken over!

The Future Pirate King: Monkey D. Luffy

The man in the straw hat can’t be unknown to you: Monkey D. Luffy is the hero of One Piece, the world’s best-selling manga with the largest community of readers. This work by Eiichiro Oda has been published in Jump magazine since 1997 and now has more than 90 volumes.

Luffy is a boy who always dreamed of becoming a pirate by taking the example of Shanks le Roux. One day, he eats a devil fruit which makes him elastic. A power extremely useful for fighting but which completely prevents him from swimming. He decides to conquer the seas to discover One Piece, the treasure of Gold D. Roger, and thus become the new king of the pirates.

The manga is divided into sagas subdivided into more or less long narrative arcs.

L: a very popular enigmatic character

One of the best-known and most fan-idolized Japanese anime series in recent years is – and rightly so – the Death Note manga. With its genius scenario, its colorful characters, and its critical twists and turns, it will have kept us going until the last second.

If Light Yagami is the hero as well as the anti-hero because of his terrible designs. Another character has been just as much or more talked about him. This is L, the genius detective who poses as Kira’s arch-enemy. He’s supposed to be the smartest person on Earth, just that!

With his looks, his postures, and his incredible bangs, he could only inspire readers who adore his so particular phlegm. A character as mysterious as possible, he is also in his pseudonym, L, which seems to hide his real name from Light’s eyes. Or is he really hiding it? Definitely, he is really a brilliantly enigmatic character!

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