Starting with Cosplay: 5 Tips for First Time Cosplayers


Cosplay is a linguistic blend of the two words – costume and play. It is the art and practice of portraying a fictional character through the use of handmade/modified items, bought costume pieces, or a combination of both. Cosplaying became increasingly popular since the 1990s, which is until today a very popular culture in Japan, South East Asia and in the Western world.

As anime fans we all have seen them: cosplayers!! Some want to try it, some don’t, some just don’t know where or how to start. But don’t worry! Every cosplayer has also been there once, and that’s why I’m here to give you some tips to start. 

I am no cosplayer. BUT I have many friends from the anime cosplay world that I interviewed to help me regarding this topic. I have collected so much information about what they wish they would have known back in the day when they were just starting. I tried my best to summarize their knowledge in a top 5, and which will be most helpful for you.

1. Choosing Your Cosplay Character

The starting point for any cosplay is to pick your character and create your costume. Depending on how crafty you are you may want to avoid anything that will require too much detail. If it is your first time doing cosplay, most will advise you to start picking an easy cosplay idea, a character with a simple design to start. Starting with a character with an easy suit to make will avoid you unwanted frustrations just starting off. Simple is better for your first cosplay experience. It is never wrong to ask someone else to help you with choosing a cosplay costume. In addition, sometimes it’s easier to buy a ready-tailored or custom-tailored amazing costume. This is not an uncommon practice in the cosplay community, and buying cosplay costumes and accessories does not mean that you are not a Cosplayer!

Study your character, and collect as many pictures as you can of your desired cosplay outfit, preferably from different angles. What is important when opting for someone else to make the costume is for you to choose the materials for you to be completely sure you will like the final product. Pay special attention on the fabrics, for example, if the costume is tight, is necessary for the fabric to be flexible, and the colors! Try to find fabrics with the colors as close as possible to your character’s clothes.

2. Makeup can really bring your Cosplay to Life

Try to always wear makeup no matter what character it is. It is good to learn at least basic makeup techniques, which will help put a look together. Anime characters usually have different skin colors and/ or big eyes, learning some of those techniques is important.  Also, it will make your cosplay look better in the photos. Use YouTube to find the tutorials.

For most anime characters, you will need a natural look. Use: basic foundation, neutral eye-shadow, and eyeliner. From here, you can bring more life to your character with lipstick and contouring or blush.

3. Wigs


Wigs make a cosplay costume perfect, if it is well made according to the cosplay character. If you are looking for a basic wig style, then these do not require much modification. For example, a wig for a cosplay character with normal-looking hair, there are many options available in wig stores. Choose the wig style which is comparable to the character, such as short, long, curly, or straight wig, etc.

Most wigs rarely look like the character’s hair, so you’ll likely need to trim it; in some cases, you’ll need to straighten it or curl it. Make sure the wigs are heat resistant. This means you can also use heating tools or a blowdryer to style them, but be careful! Use hairspray and styling wax to create the character’s look.

Here you can find a large selection of different anime cosplay wigs with free worldwide shipping. Simply search the names of your anime character to find the cosplay wig you want.

4. Have a Cosplay Emergency Kit

My cosplay friends said that there has not been a single time when they or other cosplayers have not used an emergency kit. An emergency kit consists of threads, pins, needles, buttons, elastic, glue, scissors and of course band-aids. Everything you think will come useful to fix some unforeseen trouble with your costume.  But the most important piece is the double-contact tape. It is adhesive tape that has glue on both sides. Is used to adhere parts of the costume that you tend to fall, stockings or masks for example. The essence of this advice, is that you do not trust that someone else will save you by having pins that they can give away in case of a cosplay emergency, make sure yourself first!

5. Just Start!!!

The most important tip for beginners from many of the cosplayers in the cosplay community is: Just give it a try!!! Don’t worry about what others think, most important is just to have fun with it.

Cosplay is such a big world; did we cover enough tips in our list? Any specific topic you would like us to touch next? Feel free to leave your opinion down in the comments. See you next time!

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