10 Anime Characters You Didn’t Know Were Based on Real People

The world of anime is full of continuous references to other stories. And sometimes, the characters or plots it refers to are based on historical events. One of the series that has used this resource the most to bring real characters to their stories is Gintama. Almost all of its characters are based on people who really existed. However, there are many other anime that also boast of this resource, and that, however, surely many have been overlooked, such as those collected by Dorkly.

Shingeki no kyojin (Attack on Titan)

10 Anime Characters You Didn’t Know Were Based on Real People

The well-known manga-anime Attack on Titan has a huge repertoire of terrifying and gigantic creatures. And some of the most dangerous titans would be based on MMA fighters. For example, WWE wrestler and UFC champion Brock Lesnar would have served as the inspiration to create the armored titan. While Yushin Okami from MMA would have served as an inspiration to another titan that we saw in the first season of Shingeki no Kyojin.

Rurouni Kenshin

10 Anime Characters You Didn’t Know Were Based on Real People

As with Gintama, this swordsman would be based on a samurai that really existed. Although Kawakami Gensai doesn’t share too many similarities physically with his alter ego Rurouni Kenshin, he does in terms of his personality. However, another point where both samurai also differ is in their ending, due to the violent outcome of Gensai’s life.

One Punch Man

10 Anime Characters You Didn’t Know Were Based on Real People

This time it would not be about a character as such, but about the setting that the anime collects. Since both, the building where Saitama lives and some of the streets that we can see in One Punch Man seem to be taken directly from photographs. Another resource that has also been used a lot in anime. With the exception that normally, when a series presents real places it is usually because it is a historical anime figure.

Cowboy Bebop

10 Anime Characters You Didn’t Know Were Based on Real People

This series has a large number of characters inspired by other characters from different movies, or, directly, by different interpreters. On the one hand, we find its protagonist, who would be based on the actor Yusaku Matsuda. But also, Asimov and Katerina would be taken directly from the characters of Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek in Desperado. In fact, there is even a rumor that would come to say that Whitney Matsumoto would be based especially on George Clooney by the demands of the director.

Rock Lee

10 Anime Characters You Didn’t Know Were Based on Real People

We practically do not have to say who this Naruto character would be inspired by. But if you still do not get similar, just look at his last name. Exactly, Rock Lee would be based on Bruce Lee. In fact, lest it is said that it is a mere coincidence. In addition to all the traits they share, they have in common until their birthday: November 27.

Millennium Actress

The protagonist of this film, Chiyoko Fujiwara, would be inspired by two other actresses: Setsuko Hara and Hideko Takamine. In fact, Setsuko Hara’s life was what inspired the plot of the film.

Yuri On Ice

Again we are faced with anime figures that seem to have taken most of its characters from real life. On the one hand, Yuuri would be based on the Olympic skater Yuzuru Hanyu. We also found actor John Cameron Mitchell as inspiration to create the character of Victor Nikiforov, or Olympic medalist Denis Ten, as inspiration for Otabek Altin.

High School of the Dead

On some occasions, sometimes looking for fans to find the reference more easily, some anime baptize their characters with practically the same name as the real person. This is what happens with Hirano Kohta, a character from High School of the Dead, who would be based on the cartoonist from Helsing, Hirano Kouta.


Again we find an anime where the unmodified name of a historical character is practically used (Okada Nizou instead of Okada Izo), and even baptizes its characters with the real name. In addition to assigning them a role very similar to that shared by their real alter egos. In this way, we find the members of the Shinsengumi, Kondo, Hijikata, or Okita representing the role of historical figures. Even some Gintama characters even share personalities with their historical doubles. Although in the case of this series the personality is exaggerated to humorous limits.

One Piece

Anime - One Piece

In their adventures, the Straw Hat gang has been meeting many characters that surely more than one of you have recognized. For example, Sanji would be inspired by the character of Steve Buscemi in Reservoir Dogs, or Emporio Ivankov seems to come directly from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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